Your ship touches down near the placid surface of a frozen methane lake; this planet’s main settlement is a makeshift network of inflatable dome habs connected by flexible tunnels. As you walk down the corridors, you try not to focus on the haze of AR advertising assaulting your implants: dubiously humanlike synths for sale at bargain prices…

The Descent Device: faster-than-light travel at speeds no human should go; an alien mystery. But it only goes one way, falling from star to star towards the centre of the galaxy. Voyageur is a literary RPG where you take the helm of a trader-vagabond vessel, looking for adventure, wealth, and answers in an infinite galaxy full of procedural cultures and civilizations.

  • A galaxy full of unique cultures, societies, and worlds.
  • Recruit a crew of misfits and watch as their stories and relationships develop.
  • A diverse far-future setting inspired by contemporary science fiction literature.
  • Numerous stories to encounter as you traverse the galaxy, with player-driven choices and turns.

About Us

Bruno Dias (Twitter: @notBrunoAgain) is a games writer and designer based in São Paulo, Brazil. His previous work includes a long catalogue of interactive fiction (Mere Anarchy, Cape, Lyreless) as well as critical and theory writing about games.

Fundbetter is Failbetter Games’ funding initiative for small-scale narrative games, focusing on interactive fiction and literary gaming.

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