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10. Mid-August Update

Hello, blog mailing list recipients and blog post readers! This week, a brief update on the state of Voyageur development, and some notes on things that have recently gone into the game.

First of all, some more questions from Twitter:

Voyageur doesn’t have a complex economic model; since you can’t go back and forth on a trading route, there isn’t a lot of complex economics going on behind the scenes, and instead the focus is on players being able to figure out what characteristics of a planet mean what for the prices of goods on that planet. Every planet has an economy dominated by one type of activity (tourism, agriculture, mining, and so on) and a general economic state (boom, bust). Those are the most important factors, but there are a few other wrinkles; for example, exotic foodstuffs are more valuable on barren planets where growing food is difficult.

I do hope to support save game backups via iCloud on iOS devices.

Keep sending in questions!

The State of the Game

Content is still going into Voyageur; this week, I added a small storylet involving exploring a city-world. The best part of this, of course, is writing a small procedural corpus to generate street food from across the galaxy. Here’s some sample output:

  • deconstructed goat takoyaki
  • spicy squid
  • neo parmiggiana radicchio rolls
  • horse kebab
  • stuffed tilapia
  • vegetarian wasabi pakoras
  • neo miso duck phở
  • aerated fermented carp pies
  • extruded potato fritters
  • gengineered soy ginger kidney bean burritos

Soon, I will be starting on broader device testing, making the game look good on larger screens (such as tablets), and platform-specific code to make sure both Android and iOS experiences are ideal.

I am also getting closer to a release date; watch this space. Voyageur will be released simultaneously on iOS and Android.

I’ll be slowing down on dev diaries - expect the next one in two weeks.