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7. Crew

Voyageur is a literary space-exploration RPG set in an infinite, procedural galaxy. You can go back and read the first dev diary for more detail.

Welcome back! Development on Voyageur is proceeding apace, with content being added to the game daily. Besides that, graphical and UI improvements are also happening right now; you can see the new stellar backdrop graphic in the game on this week’s screenshots.

This week, I’m getting around to talking about the last major aspect of Voyageur that hasn’t been discussed in detail yet: Crew. Like most other things, crew members in Voyageur are procedurally generated. You will be able to recruit them on certain planets, and eventually you will end up with a crew of five officers: A navigator, a medic, a trader, an engineer, and a weapons officer. Each one provides different bonuses and affects different storylets in the game.

Crew members have a personality drawn from five possible archetypes, which will give them different reactions to the things you do and the situations you face in the galaxy. Angering your crew can eventually lead to mutiny, or to officers leaving your ship. Because personality and role are randomly matched, you will value different interactions differently depending on playthrough and play style; maybe you really want to keep your navigator around, but are more flexible about whether or not you need a weapons officer. Influenced by different goals (like which endgame content you’re pursuing), that will lead you to make different compromises and different choices.

Voyageur isn’t a game about personnel management, so the crew elements are lightweight and mostly there to support the storytelling. But crew are some of the most gameplay-impacting tools in the game, making them valuable; if you have a navigator, a trader, and an engineer, your options when traveling to a new planet are dramatically expanded, as you can reach more worlds and have better information about them.

Until next week!