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11. Endgame

Hello once again! This week, I’ll be talking about Voyageur’s endings, and the new game plus feature. I don’t want to get into plot details about how Voyageur ends, partly because some of the details haven’t been solidified yet, and of course because of spoilers. But I did want to sketch out how the game’s endings are structured.

Voyageur includes six endings, five of which you can reach on your first playthrough and a sixth one that is available on subsequent playthroughs. The endgame quests are only moderately involved; really, Voyageur is meant to be played through a few times. And once you do manage to reach an ending, you get to start over while keeping some of what you accumulated over the course of the game. There is also some content, and a few rewards, that are exclusive to new game plus, including the sixth and “final” endgame.

Voyageur is of course very randomized, but the idea is that, across multiple playthroughs, there’s a perceptible early, middle, and endgame. In the beginning, you’re just trying to get your feet wet and put together the resources you need to sustainably cross the galaxy. In the midgame, you’re pursuing one or more endings, hoping for opportunities to get what it takes to unlock them. And in the endgame, you’ve gotten a pretty good understanding of how the galaxy works, and you’re putting together the things you’ll need for the final ending.

Voyageur straddles the line between a repeatable, “endless” experience and a game with a distinct beginning and end. The content constraints on procedural generation naturally push in that direction; it would be harder to generate content for a trip with a specific length, but I also don’t want the game to just peter out when players feel they’ve seen it out, without having a conclusion of some sort.