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Voyageur comes to PC on June 4th

After a long delay, Voyageur is finally coming to PC on Monday, June 4th.

If you haven’t played it yet: Voyageur is a literary science-fiction adventure. Descend towards the center of the galaxy on a one-way trip, seeing the many worlds humanity has touched and the myriad cultures and ideas that have sprung up on them.

You can preorder the PC release on right now, and it’ll be available to purchase on Monday, for Windows, Mac, and Linux devices.

This version has a bunch additions and improvements, including:

  • A redesigned interface meant for laptops and large desktop screens.
  • Improved, moodier visuals.
  • A new, original, EP-length soundtrack by the incredible Priscilla Snow.
  • Various bugfixes and tweaks.

This, to me, is the definitive version of Voyageur. It’s a very different experience from playing it on mobiles, and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

A screenshot of Voyageur