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8. State of Development

Voyageur is a literary space-exploration RPG set in an infinite, procedural galaxy. You can go back and read the first dev diary for more detail.

Welcome back; this week, I’m taking a week off from talking about mechanics to talk about where the game is at right now and how close it is to release.

As of today (July 29th), the game is feature-complete. There is visual and gameplay polish to be done, and some technical cleanup, but I’m at the stage of the project where I’m primarily just adding in content. Voyageur has pretty large content requirements; the most important thing about a planet is its alignment and class, so the goal is to have a storylet specific to every possible combination. Some of those are involved storylines leading up to endgame content, others are simple one-storylet interactions.

There’s also other work to be done in polishing and balancing the game; the early game economy, for instance, is going to take some time to calibrate. But I’m happy to report that I’ve reached the point with the game where it’s clear that I didn’t grossly mis-scope it, and so I’m confident that it will actually ship.

This means that a release date will be forthcoming Real Soon Now, sometime during the month of August. If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter yet, I’ll be sending off an email with release date information then.

Send me your questions, people. And until next week!