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The PC Update: What's in the Box

Hello Voyageurs,

I’m finally far enough along in developing the PC version of Voyageur that I can talk in detail about it.

First off:

  • Coming November of 2017
  • To Windows, MacOS, and Linux
  • Exclusively on
  • MRSP $5.99

So what’s in the box? Here’s what the PC version will contain on release:

  • All of the planets, content, and mechanics that are already present in the mobile version of Voyageur: Trading, encountering stories, procedurally-generated worlds, recruiting a crew, everything; over 50,000 words of planets, characters, and stories.
  • A revised interface meant to look good on desktop screens and play well with a mouse.
  • A few graphical refinements to the look of the game. Crew members now have procedurally-generated portraits!
  • Several new storylines giving more depth to crew relationships. Help your crew with their predicaments and help them develop their talents.

The new graphics and storylines will also be present in a free content update for Voyageur on Android and iOS that will go live on the game’s PC release day.


I’m not ruling out releasing on Steam or on other digital marketplaces in the future, but there are a couple of reasons:

  • is by far the easiest platform to release on. I’m a solo developer, meaning I’m my own QA lead, PR person, and business manager. Releasing on Itch lets me focus as much as possible on making the game as good as it can be.
  • Recent successful launches on Itch have done well enough to make me feel like an Itch release can do well enough to be worthwhile.
  • Itch is better at spotlighting novel and experimental work than other platforms.

With this release, I have some measure of freedom to pick what platforms I work with based on how good they are for developers and players. If we’re ranking the different marketplaces/platforms holders on how much they seem guided by wanting to be good actors in the games industry, Itch is at the top – and Valve and Apple are at the bottom. I have the luxury right this instant of putting my game on a platform that I think is a good actor, and I’m going to value that above the additional sales I might get from Steam.

Not everyone gets to do that on every game, but I would hope other devs who do get to make this choice make it and hopefully push the industry a little bit closer to a better balance.