Bruno Dias

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Failbetter Games Ltd

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February 7th, 2017


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The Descent Device: faster-than-light travel at speeds no human should go; an alien mystery. But it only goes one way, falling from star to star towards the centre of the galaxy. Voyageur is a literary RPG where you take the helm of a trader-vagabond vessel, looking for adventure, wealth, and answers in an infinite galaxy full of procedural cultures and civilizations.


In Voyageur, players hop from planet to planet on a one-way trip towards the center of the galaxy. Each world is a, procedurally generated place with its own culture, setting, and stories that players can engage in. As they travel, players can collect curious artifacts, trade in exotic goods, and assemble a motley crew of misfits and malcontents as they investigate the secrets of the galaxy.

Developer Bio

Bruno Dias (Twitter: @notBrunoAgain) is a games writer and designer based in São Paulo, Brazil. His previous work includes a long catalogue of interactive fiction (Mere Anarchy, Cape, Lyreless) as well as critical and theory writing about games.

Fundbetter is Failbetter Games’ funding initiative for small-scale narrative games, focusing interactive fiction and literary gaming.

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