Privacy Policy

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June 2nd, 2016

Mailing list

We collect email addresses from users who sign up for our mailing list. Those addresses are collected with express permission from users and shared only with our third-party email service provider, MailChimp. They are used solely for the purpose of sending email updates about Voyageur.

Third-Party Services

This website does not itself contain any scripts that collect user data or use cookies, but it makes use of third-party services that do so.


We use Google Analytics to perform simple, anonymous usage tracking. All data collection is performed by Google, and no personally identifiable information is used. We don’t track users or use collected data to serve ads. Google uses this data in ways described by Google’s privacy policies.

Social Apps

We include Twitter and Facebook widgets that integrate with those respective services. While both Twitter and Facebook use cookies and collect data through those widgets, we don’t have access to this data. Opt-outs and more information are available through their respective policies.


We can be reached through