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Voyageur release date set for June 4th

SÃO PAULO, 23rd January, 2017—Produced in partnership with Failbetter Games (Fallen London, Sunless Sea), Voyageur is interactive science fiction literature set in a galaxy that recombines itself for each playthrough. After its 2017 release on mobiles, Voyageur is coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux machines on Monday, June 4th, 2018.

On a one-way trip towards the center of the galaxy, players will encounter strange life and unique civilizations, assemble a crew of misfits, and trade in strange and exotic cargo. If they’re careful and lucky, they might also unveil the secrets of the Descent Device—the alien machine that enables faster-than-light travel, but only towards the pull of the galactic core. Voyageur combines the characteristic-based narrative mechanics of Fallen London and Sunless Sea with a procedural story and world.

The PC version of the game comes with newly improved visuals, a redesigned interface meant for bigger screens, and an original EP-length soundtrack by Priscilla Snow (What Isn’t Saved (will be lost), Southern Monsters).

The game will be available exclusively through for $4.99. Developer Bruno Dias: “This is the definitive version of Voyageur, the one I wanted to do originally, and I hope people like it. By releasing it as an Itch exclusive, I get to not invest resources into Steam-specific features that don’t add value to the game, and reward a platform that is a good actor in the industry.”

You can view more about the game, including developer diaries and detailed information on mechanics and story, at Screenshots and other assets can be found in the presskit at

About the developer

Bruno Dias is a São Paulo-based game designer, developer, and writer. Besides a long catalog of interactive fiction work (, he has worked on Where the Water Tastes Like Wine and the upcoming Neo Cab. His writing about games has appeared on Giant Bomb, PC Gamer, and Waypoint.

Voyageur is part of Failbetter Games’ Fundbetter Initiative, a partnership to fund and support innovative narrative-focused games. Failbetter Games is a London-based company responsible for Fallen London, Sunless Sea, and the upcoming Sunless Skies.

Contact Information

Bruno Dias
@notbrunoagain on Twitter